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Battle Of The Bands

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May. 28th, 2002 | 02:08 pm
posted by: ex_pyro875 in blackeneddreams

I went to the Battle of the Bands last night at Parkview Education Centre. This was only my second time seeing Blackened Dreams live, the first of which being their gig at Town's End Stings 'n Things a month ago.

I have to apologize to the band, and especially to dramen for my premature criticism of the band in livejournal comments following the BHS Battle back in late April. I judged based on my feelings toward Death and Black Metal in general without giving the band a chance, and that was stupid of me.

Blackened Dreams blew me away at Strings 'n Things, and did an even better job at Parkview last night. "Mutilation" is becoming an underground hit already, as most of us there recognized the song within the first few seconds, and the new song "Guilty By Disassociation" just astounded me. I can't wait until they get it recorded. When they do, I want a copy.

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