During record of a new album Finnish blackers' ARTHEMESIA ' ShamaNatahS - II Describe I Mind ' participants of collective have made the joint decision to expel from the numbers drummer Mor Vethor-а as its abilities any more do not correspond to requirements of music ARTHEMESIA. Thus, record-session is transferred for spring of 2004, it is natural with new drummer, and the output of release is planned to October, 2004 on KARMAGEDDON MEDIA.

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Debyute album ' FOR MAGGOTS TO DEVOUR ' the Finnish brutal d3z- brigade TORTURE KILLER they refused to print at the SD- factory because of fucking cover and not less infinite lyric poetry. But fellows rapidly maked party's and found more loyal factory, where they will print their creation, which will appear on 6 October on Karmageddon Media (it it was recently Hammerheart Records).

track list 1. Flesh Breaks to Open Wounds / 2. Sadistic Violation / 3. Motivated to Kill / 4. Necrophag / 5. Fuck Them When They Bleed / 6. No Time to Bleed / 7. Torture to Death / 8. Gore Terror / 9. Strangulation.

line-up for the record:Jari Laine (guitar), Tuomas Karppinen (bass), Taneli Hatakka (guitar), Matti Liuke (vocals), Tuomo Latvala (drums).

all others new you are can read in the grind webzine:
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Blackened Dreams is currently in the studio (yes it is a real studio) recording new material which will be available from this site or the Dark Storm Productions site very soon.

A few rough mixes might be added even sooner to give a preview of what is to come.

From what i have heard the new Blackened Dreams will slay everything.


Ok ... there is suppose to be a gig at Parkview on May 29th ( i think thats the date ) ....... Raevyn tell me if you can do this or not ... im hoping you can ... cuz it should be pretty big .... insane p.a. setup ... and its gonna be only all live bands ... no kareokee or shit .... sooo tell me whats up and what you think

Blackened Dreams site update!

The site will not let me update, so here it is in LiveJournal form!

*Wonders what the readers of this site are thinking...*
a Blackened Dreams site update?
This shit must be important!

*end of thought*

Blackened Dreams with be playing along with...
At the..
Why don't i just let _thunderstruck_ and raevyn tell you?

From _thunderstruck_:
Well, this Friday night at 8:30 pm there will be a totally awesome battle of the bands *giggles*....enough with the ditsyness...
This B.O.T.B.'s is titled "The Show", which is featuring CHOATIC ROOTS, Reasonable Volume, Presidents Choice, and Well Spent (formally known as Teenage Riot). This super groovin battle of the bands will cost you $5, this means you immorak! Anyways, I'm at Dave's. So goodbye.
PS - Die :D

From raevyn:
Blackend Dreams will be playing live at the Lunenburg Community Centre on Friday, March 28th, @ 7:00pm.
Be there.
It's probably $5 at the door, but I'm not really sure, so don't quote me on that...



The recap:
For $5 you get
The something show [currently there is no title, no really!]
Friday, March 28th, 2003 [in 2 DAYS]
8:30pm - ? [Yeah, it never ends?]
Lunenburg Community Centre

- Well Spent [once known as Teenage Riot, as always!]
- Reasonable Volume [as always!]
- Prezident's Choice [as always!]
- Blackened Dreams [as always, why else would the site be updated?]
- Chaotic Roots [as always!]

I might be there, who knows!

Keep your dreams blackened...

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Raevyn you said about a gig on the 21st when you were here last .... i need more info now on whats going on so i can be ready if there acctually is a gig and so we can make sure Silas and Caspian acctually have a clue that its going on ... Caspian already knows but we have to make sure he doesnt go anywheres ... and is around if we practice first or somthihng ... so inform me ..... please lol .... later
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I like my snow BLACKENED! ---> x-mas edition

Don't forget:
The almost Solstice Gig
Friday, December 20th, 2002 [2 DAYS!]
8:00pm - 11:00pm [3 HOURS!]
Lunenburg Community Centre
- Teenage Riot
- Reasonable Volume
- Prezident's Choice
- Blackened Dreams
- Chaotic Roots
Prepare to have your ass kicked.
(For the low, low price of only $5... and your soul)

Be there... or not?

Keep your dreams blackened...