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blackeneddreams's Journal

Blackened Dreams
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Blackened Dreams LiveJournal Community.

This community is for people to post about what they think of the band Blackened Dreams and for the band members to have direct contact with the fans.

There are no real rules other than this is not a board for posting links to other sites, communities, or anything not related to Blackened Dreams in some way. (We will soon have a message board on the Blackened Dreams site for that)
The LiveJournal Terms of Service also apply to this community

How to join the community:
To join the community you must have an account with LiveJournal.com. To get a account you must go to create on the main page of the LiveJournal.com site. LiveJournal.com requires that you have a code to join. That should soon change (i hope) but for now you have to have a code or get a paid account.

If you need help joining the community please visit the community help page:
If you still have problems please e-mail Blackened Dreams at blackeneddreams@fastmail.ca

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